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In this chapter we present a collection of examples spanning many different fields of science and engineering. These examples are used throughout the text and in exercises to illustrate different concepts. First-time readers may wish to focus on only a few examples with which they have had the most prior experience or insight to understand the concepts of state, input, output, and dynamics in a familiar setting.

Chapter contents

PDF (24 Jul 2020)

  1. Cruise Control
  2. Bicycle Dynamics
  3. Operational Amplifier Circuits
  4. Computing Systems and Networks
    • Web Server Control
    • Congestion Control
  5. Atomic Force Microscopy
  6. Drug Administration
    • Compartment Models
    • Insulin--Glucose Dynamics
  7. Population Dynamics
    • Logistic Growth Model
    • Predator--Prey Models

Teaching Materials

Supplemental Information