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This chapter introduces the concept of the transfer function, which is a com- pact description of the input/output relation for a linear time-invariant system. We show how to obtain transfer functions analytically and experimentally. Combining transfer functions with block diagrams gives a powerful algebraic method to analyze linear systems with many blocks. The transfer function allows new interpretations of system dynamics. We also introduce the Bode plot, a powerful graphical rep- resentation of the transfer function that was introduced by Bode to analyze and design feedback amplifiers.

Chapter contents

PDF (24 Jul 2020)

  1. The Loop Transfer Function
  2. The Nyquist Criterion
    • The Nyquist Plot
    • The General Nyquist Criterion
    • Conditional Stability
  3. Stability Margins
  4. Bode's Relations and Minimum Phase Systems
  5. Generalized Notions of Gain and Phase
    • System Gain and Passivity
    • Extensions of the Nyquist Criterion
    • Describing Functions
  6. Further Reading

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